4 Stages of Filtration System

Sediment Filter

A sediment filter acts as a sieve to remove these particles. It traps and removes suspended solids from your water supply.

Pre-Carbon Filter

Pre-Carbon Filter removes bacteria and other bigger particles. Activated carbon remove chloride taste and smell.

UF Membrane Filter

Ultrafiltration is a filtration process that separate harmful bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants from clean water.

Alkaline/Reverse Osmosis

The alkaline water purifier neutralizes the acid in the water and increases the pH level of water which is good for human body.
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Came across them when they doing a Door Knocking session at my block and after hearing them explain about the water dispenser I straight away decided to get it and it's very convenient for me and I can drink plenty of alkaline water! Recommended!

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Very convenient and easy to use! There's a lot of positive things when using the machine!

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My family and I decided to recontract and bought the newer model! Worth it and very easy to use! Recommended

~ Mr Rizal

My Wife contacted them through Instagram and everything went smoothly and the Installation was all very neat and professional and overall it's a very good Water Dispenser and my family can drink as much Alkaline water they want! Thank you Healthy Family Pte Ltd

~ Mr Izahar

I have been following the healthy family since May and finally getting the water dispenser for my family and me, definitely worth it and definitely a good machine. Recommended

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A very good water dispenser really help me a lot, my daughter bought it for me and I'm happy as I really wanted a water dispenser. Thank you, HF for the great service!

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Very good water dispenser, Nice tasting water. Most importantly, reliable service and reasonable price. All the workers are very friendly.

~ Mr Gary

Professional and very neat work. Thanks, HF! Recommended

~ Ms Pamela

Roy and his team have done an incredible job when installing in my house. They were meticulous and careful, they also communicated well with me on the positioning of my water dispenser. Thanks Roy!

~ Nadia

I bought the 2 temperature, it was great! Get to have clean healthy water in both hot and cold!

~ Muhammad

Thanks Roy for helping, very convenient.

~ Mr Jarmos


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